Listing Guide

A How-To Guide for AMN Community Listings

Listings are the heart of how the Amateur Music Network connects our community. Musicians who want to join ensembles, take lessons or classes, or find music support resources can search for opportunities and vendors in their local area.  Musicians who wish to connect with one another can find others who share their interests. Teachers, presenters, schools, and service providers can let the community know about their offerings.

Listings are created by Amateur Music Network subscribers in one of six categories: Ensembles, Classes, Teachers, Events, Services and Connect. The listing category determines what information is displayed in the listing.

Free users may create one Connect listing and may manage their profile. To create any other kind of listing, users must upgrade to a paid plan.

ALL LISTINGS specify Genre, and you may select up to three genres for your listing. We have attempted to provide large general categories that most music can fit in. We know your interests and styles are more specific, so please use the description field to make these distinctions clear. For example, if you specialize in Early Music, you might select the “Classical” genre and then describe your specialty in the description field. We did our best to be comprehensive and inclusive in our list of genres, but if you cannot find something that fits your music at least in a general way, please contact us and let us know.

ALL LISTINGS specify geographic Region. Please select your primary region.

ALL LISTINGS include a Description. There is a 2000-character limit for descriptions, but this is plenty of text for you to let people know about your offering. Only the first 500 characters will display on the “Browse Listings” view, so put the crucial information first (the detailed view will have your complete description). Your description text is searchable, so be sure to include keywords that will help people find you.

ALL LISTINGS have a listing Image. For Standard and Premium plans, you may add additional images to your listing. Image dimensions are 200×200, so choose an image that will display nicely in a square shape. If you prefer not to upload a picture, a generic image will be displayed on your listing.

ALL LISTINGS (except Connect) will link to Google Maps if you include an address in your listing. If you wish to keep your location private, do not include the address in your listing.

ENSEMBLES are for groups looking for members. If you have an orchestra, chorus, or large band, and you wish to recruit new members, this is your category. Very small ensembles like chamber music groups and rock bands should use CONNECT to find one another.

CLASSES are organized classes that happen on a one-time basis or over a period of time. and can be performance-based or focused on music theory and/or music  history. We also include summer camps and retreats in this listing type. 

TEACHERS are individuals who provide private instruction sessions. You may submit a listing as a private teacher, a music coach (such as a vocal coach or chamber music coach), or both. Start with a title that describes you, such as “Guitar teacher in the east bay, great with kids.” Then in the description, you should describe yourself and your background. There are fields to specify your genre specialties, instrument(s) and what age groups you are willing to teach. There are fields for your education (where you went to school or had particular training), for your accreditations or credentials, and for your affiliations (if you are a member of any teaching organizations, or work at a school, etc). There is a field to specify your hourly fee. There’s a field to specify the languages you speak and/or can teach. There will be a link on the listing for people to contact you. It will NOT show your email or contact information, but will create an email from the user who wishes to contact you. You may choose to reply to that email to initiate a conversation with the prospective student. If you like, you may make your contact information public by simply including it in your description.

SERVICES are anything that supports musicians, from accompanists and session musicians to music stores to instrument repair to piano moving, from Fedenkreis practitioners to lighting designers to practice halls and recording studios. This is also your category if you have an association or provide resources that support musicians and music-making.

Choose the service type that best covers what you provide, and then be specific in the description field. Venues, studios, and space rentals please note whether there is a piano, and if so, what type.

EVENTS can be performances, sing-alongs, play-alongs, jam sessions – in short, anything people will attend to hear music or play together on a one-time or short-term basis. Events can also include auditions and competitions, etc.

CONNECT is where you can meet other players. If you want to start a rock band, find people to play some bluegrass with, or organize a Thursday night string quartet, Connect is for you. Start with a title that describes your objective, something like “Let’s sing Beatles songs!” Then, be specific in your description to let people know what you wish to do, for instance, “Let’s get together and sing Beatles songs: I have a piano and a nice room we can sing in.”

There is a field to specify your skill level. This is just a way to give others a general idea of how experienced you are so you can match up easily.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide what level to choose:

  • Beginner – I am learning or re-learning my instrument. I play a repertoire geared toward beginners. On a first reading, I aim to get through the music without too many stops and starts.
  • Intermediate – I have good control over my instrument in its primary range, although there are still big technical challenges. I am in the process of exploring repertoire. I sometimes slow down a fast passage for technical reasons
  • Advanced – I am familiar with much of the standard repertoire, or know a lot of songs very well. I generally sound good and if working from sheet music, sight-reading is not a problem. I pay attention to blend, balance, dynamics, and basic phrasing, and I strive to pay attention to the overall musical effect and to other players/singers in the group.
  • Expert – I have extensive experience with and a strong command of musical repertoire, from many time periods and styles. I am a superior sight-reader and consistently sound good (both in tune and at tempo). I am a dedicated ensemble player who enjoys working with other musicians to make the music sound great.

There will be a link on the listing for people to contact you. It will NOT show your email or contact information, but will create an email from the user who wishes to contact you. You may choose to reply to that email to initiate a conversation with the prospective music partner.


Depending on your plan, you may have as few as one or as many as ten listings at any one time. Once you reach your plan limit on the number of listings, you must either delete a listing or make it inactive (so it is not public), and then make it active when have room in your plan for another listing and you wish it to be seen by others. You may edit and delete your listings, and users on Engage or Inspire plans may clone listings to replicate them with adjusted information for the new listing.

If you have any questions about creating listings, please refer to our Listings FAQ or contact us!