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Cello Workshop
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Side by Side 2017
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Clarinet Workshop
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Bluegrass Workshop
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Flute Workshop
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Brush Up Your Messiah
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Amateur Music Network Mentors DuoViolaoPlus1

Choro: the Music of Rio

October 23, 2019

Explore the traditional music of Rio de Janeiro from polka to samba and everything in between.

In this workshop, you will explore Brazilian Choro style and will learn and rehearse a song for performance as part of the concert with members of DuoVioloaPlus1 featuring guitarists Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber, and percussionist Ami Molinelli.

Duo Violão plus 1 began as an organic extension of Duo Violão, the duo project of Brazilian guitarists Rogério Souza and Edinho Gerber. During their first visit to the Bay Area in 2015, they met percussionist Ami Molinelli and the musical connection was immediate. Over the following years, they travelled up and down the West Coast, performing and developing a unique sound while navigating the rhythms, styles, and sub-genres of Choro music.

Open to instrumentalists of all ages and all skill levels. Space is limited!

WORKSHOP: 6 - 7:00 PM

$45 - workshop & concert
$25 - concert only

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