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Watch this space for new dates in 2024-2025

Online Sing-Along
Song Circle
with Cary Sheldon

Join us to sing around the virtual campfire! FREE online sessions with mentor Cary Sheldon and special guests.

More Song Circle sessions coming next season!


Event Video

Enjoy this highlight from our May Song Circle with Cary and guest artist Candace Johnson.

About the Event

There’s nothing that brings people together better than singing our favorite songs. It recalls summer nights around the campfire: someone strumming the guitar and all singing a mix of folk music, familiar songs we heard on the radio, and occasional new songs that someone shares.

Join us the first Wednesday of the month over Zoom for Song Circle. Mentor Cary Sheldon will invite us into her home to lead us in singing old favorites and new gems. Registration and participation are FREE!

Nobody has to worry about whether you know the songs or can sing like a pro. All online participants will be on mute. Lyrics and listen-links are posted on this page. This is our chance to share the joy of singing simply for the fun of it.

Join us in May to sing spirituals with guest artist Candace Johnson.

Date and Time

Dates for the 2024-2025 season will be announced

Who should attend?

Everyone who wants to sing favorite songs and learn some new ones, too.

How should I prepare?

No preparation is required! We will post lyrics on this page but no practice is needed, just join us for an hour of musical fun with friends.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost, Song Circle is FREE.
Song Circle is a free initiative of Amateur Music Network, and is supported by your generous donations.

How do I attend?

Register on our website – registration will open in September.

Meet the Mentors

Cary Sheldon is a singer, songwriter, and beloved Berkeley voice teacher with 30 years’ worth of grateful students. She has been playing and teaching in the Bay Area for the last 40 years. Her love for R & B music led her to be part of Zazu Pitts Memorial Orchestra in the 1980’s.  Other affiliations include The Henry Kaiser Band, The Henriettas (a recreation of DeZurick sisters, a popular country music duo from the 1940’s), who appeared on Prairie Home Companion, and most recently her band DanceChant, a joyful community-inspired R&B band that encourages audience participation. She continues to be inspired by her love of singing in community. “Singing together with others is one of the greatest joys in my life.” Now in her 60’s, she returns to influences from her early life. Her grade school music teachers included John Langstaff, creator of the Christmas Revels, and the repertoire was based on the American folk tradition, including old English ballads, spirituals, freedom songs, and the popular folk and protest songs of the 1960’s. She hopes to inspire others to explore the depth of this material and rediscover the joy of community singing.
Photo by Jeanette Yu



All our Song Circle Guest Artists bring their expertise and love of community to inspire us to join together in singing. We explore multiple genres and styles, all grounded in creating an hour of fun in song.

Workshop Materials

SONGS! Lyrics and chord charts

These are songs we’ll be singing at next Song Circle. We might not get to all of them, we might bring in some others. 

Note that sometimes the key of the recording or YouTube is different from what we will sing together. This is because not all these recordings are in keys that are ideal for all voice parts, and we want everyone to be able to join in.


For each song, there is a short introductory note, then two music sheets. The first sheet has lyrics, and the second version has the music chords. For those who wish to play along, here are instructions from Cary about how to navigate the songs’ chord charts. For those who just wish to sing, refer to the first page (just the words).


Lyrics and chord charts from previous Song Circle sessions can be downloaded from our Song Archive page.

Songs from MAY 2024 - new songs coming soon!

    Wade in the Water

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Cynthia Liggins Thomas
    Watch on YouTube


    Scandalize My Name

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman
    Watch on YouTube

    Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Arranged by Moses Hogan, performed by Virtual Choir
    Watch on YouTube

    Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

    Download the lyrics and chords


    Go Down Moses

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Paul Robeson
    Watch on YouTube

    Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Alvin Ailey Dance Co.
    Watch on YouTube

    Hold On

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Mahalia Jackson
    Watch on YouTube

    Performed by Candace Johnson & Ben Flint
    Watch on YouTube

    Down by the Riverside

    Download the lyrics and chords

    Performed by Grandpa Elliott
    Watch on YouTube