About Us

Music is the language of connection

Whether we love playing and singing for pleasure, love performing music for our primary careers, or just love listening, music is how we share our deepest emotional selves. Music is available to everyone, regardless of skill, and to participate in music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. At Amateur Music Network we celebrate the amateur in all of us: we do it because we love it.

Our network is open to all; all ages and all genres/interests are welcome. If you haven’t played in a long time, if you’ve been playing regularly for years, if you’re a long-time musician trying out a new instrument or style to add to your skill set, or even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before – Amateur Music Network is for you.


Mission and Methods

We envision a world where music is an integral part of life, where all people experience the joy of playing, singing, and listening, and where access to music-making is available, encouraged, and celebrated.

Amateur Music Network makes the world more musical by means of:

  • Connecting musicians with one another to share in active musical experiences
  • Creating educational and performance opportunities for musicians, both on our own and through partnerships with other arts organizations
  • Providing access to resources for musicians

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Contact us

AMN founder Lolly Lewis

I’ve been so fortunate to be active in music all my life, as a recording engineer and producer, amateur singer, and dedicated fan. Five years as producer of Community of Music Makers workshops for the San Francisco Symphony showed me that there’s a vibrant network of amateur musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area who hunger for opportunities to make music together. I founded Amateur Music Network to support musicians in the SF Bay Area and beyond.

Board of Directors

  • Corty Fengler, Chair
  • Terry Vogt, Treasurer
  • Danielle Napoleon, Secretary
  • Lolly Lewis, Founder
  • Sylvia Chen
  • Emily Limón
  • Nicholas Pavkovic
  • James “Sky” Schuyler
  • Elizabeth Susskind
  • Brent Smith

 Advisory Board

  • Rebecca Blum, Senior Director of Orchestra and Education Planning, San Francisco Symphony
  • Nan Keeton, Arts Consultant
  • David Landis, President, Landis Communications Inc.
  • Michael Roest, Director, Pre-College and Continuing Education Divisions, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Jerome Simas, Clarinetist, San Francisco Symphony
  • Dee Spencer, Professor of Jazz and Musical Theatre in the School of Theatre & Dance at San Francisco State University
  • Robin Sutherland, Principal Pianist, San Francisco Symphony (in memoriam)

Partners and Sponsors