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Amateur Music Network exists to support everyone who sings and plays music - at whatever level. Our website reflects the community and our goal is to support the community by supporting you.

Won't you help us? We are very grateful for your donations! And there are many other ways to be involved, too. Start by joining the network and making a listing to connect with others and make some music! And we always need volunteers for our workshops and activities, so please contact us to find out more.

Thanks to all for being a part of Amateur Music Network and making our community more musical.


  • Corty Fengler, Chair
  • Sylvia Chen, Treasurer
  • Dee Spencer, Secretary
  • Lolly Lewis, Founder
  • Kathleen Angus
  • Danielle Napoleon
  • Nicholas Pavkovic
  • James "Sky" Schuyler
  • Terry Vogt


  • Rebecca Blum, Director, Orchestra, Education, and Strategic Initiatives, San Francisco Symphony
  • Nan Keeton, Arts Consultant
  • David Landis, President, Landis Communications Inc.
  • Michael Roest, Director, Pre-College and Continuing Education Divisions, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • Jerome Simas, Clarinetist, San Francisco Symphony
  • Robin Sutherland, Principal Pianist (retired), San Francisco Symphony

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Our Generous Donors

Tatiana and Ruslan Abdikeev

Sarah Ackerman & Karl Sevareid

Barbara Adelman

Howard Adler

Mary Alfiler

Kathy Angus & Larry Nelson

Paul Brancato

Marilyn Burns & Jeffrey Sellon
(MSB Charitable Fund)

Sylvia Chen

Bruce Colman

Gail Coney

Natalie Cox & Dan Reiter

Delta Dental

Steven A. Dibner

John Engelkes

Corty & Alf Fengler

Richard Foos

George & Susan Fesus

John & Marcia Goldman Foundation

Judy & Rich Guggenhime

Robert Howard

Polly Winograd Ikonen

Denise Kaufman

Loren B. Kayfetz

Terri Kwiatek Charitable Trust

Landis Communications Inc.

David Landis & Sean Dowdall

The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation

Richard Larsen

Dorothy Lee

Ellen Lewis & Nels Olson

Lolly Lewis & Steve Kahl

Abigail Millikan-States

Haruki & Makiko Mizukami

Christine & Michael J. Murray

Danielle Napoleon

Patricia Nicholson

Patrick J. O'Connell

Edwin Outwater

Nicholas Pavkovic

Rebecca Peters

Helen Rigby

Jenny Rooke

Ross McKee Foundation

Connie & Kevin Shanahan

Cary Sheldon & John Hanes

Jerome Simas

Benjamin & Jane Simon

Elizabth Susskind

Robin Sutherland

Swinerton Family Fund

Symantec Corporation

George Tanaka

Mary & Terry Vogt

Diane Walton

Lisa & Bob Weiss

Melanie Wyler Charitable Fund

Luke Yu

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Includes donors of $100 and above since July 2017

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers!

Although we're not doing workshops right now, we will be coming back as soon as we can, and will need helpers for our live events. We need social media mavens to amplify our message on social channels. We are always looking for guest bloggers: let us help spread the word if you have stories to tell about your life in music. And we are looking for helpers with grant research expertise, so if that's you, please let us know!

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