AMN mentors Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Workshops

Meet Cellist Amos Yang

Amos is a San Francisco musician to the bone! Born and raised in San Francisco, he and his violinist brother Perrin were child stars in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s prep department. Amos has a long affiliation with the San Francisco Symphony, too: He was in the SFS Youth Orchestra when it was first formed, has been a regular member of the Symphony since 2006, and currently holds the position of assistant principal cello. He’s a dedicated chamber musician as well as a passionate educator, and he balances all these musical paths with an avid enthusiasm for sports and the outdoors. 

In our two-session workshop on July 10 and 17, Amos will talk about how following an intense program of physical training has made him a better musician.

Get to know Amos in these videos and join us this month to tune up your own musical athleticism!

Amos and Lolly preview the workshop.

Amos talks about growing up in San Francisco, his Chinese heritage, and how music can bring us together and help heal what divides us. Then he and Symphony colleague Charles Chandler perform an excerpt from Bariolage, a work commissioned for them by composer Shinji Eshima.

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