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Fall in love with music

 At Amateur Music Network we wear the “amateur” label with pride. The word comes from Latin—remember amoamasamat?—and it originally meant “someone who has a love of something.” For us, it still has that meaning. Love of music is what we’re all about.Think about your own love of music. Perhaps you played with a toy xylophone or took Suzuki violin lessons or were offered a free clarinet from the school orchestra. Did you sing in the church choir? Play drums in your friends’ rock band? Become a regular at karaoke night?

Maybe you took it further: A music-theory class in college. A stint in a community orchestra before parenthood or career became too demanding. Some private piano lessons because you really wanted to learn those Chopin waltzes. You don’t even have to play music to love music. Every time you listen to music it opens a door to your imagination. We all know the world of feeling that music evokes. Singing along in the car, in the shower, while you do the chores—that’s music-making!

 But wait: there’s more!

Is it time to pick up that clarinet that’s been in the back of your closet since high school? To brush up your scales on that violin you used to love so much? To join a ukulele club and learn to strum some chords? Or if you are an active music-maker, to try something new like bluegrass, or Brazilian, or the blues?

Whatever your passion, Amateur Music Network can help you find a pathway to music-making that’s right for you. We’re here for you when you’re starting out, and we’re here when you’re ready to make a deeper commitment, too. Our workshops and conversations bring some of the best musicians and mentors in the music world to your desktop or phone. And our listings include teachers, coaches, and fellow musicians who can inspire and challenge you.

Look, it’s been a tough year. Not being able to gather in person has been sad and hard. But music sustains us and gives us hope. It’s what we love, and you know what the song says: love will keep us together. 

It’s the fall season—the perfect season to fall in love with music!

Images by Mick Anderson

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