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Gratitude for music in 2022

Destiny Muhammad says it best! We are all so grateful for music in our lives.

Once again, AMN is so thankful for all the wonderful folks who have made our workshops so vibrant and nourishing in the past year. From extraordinary mentors like Destiny to all the folks behind the scenes who make the workshops happen, THANK YOU!

As you know, AMN is not just workshops! We are grateful to all the musicians who are reaching out to find one another through our listings. And grateful to be part of a larger community of organizations and individuals who support music and music-making. To all our partners, sponsors, and friends who support our work and engage with us to make it happen. THANK YOU!

AMN needs your help.


AMN aspires to bring musicians from around the world together—to make music, to connect, and to share the transformative power of music. Our participants and mentors hail from across the globe, and we are connecting people one by one. Now we need your generosity and support to continue to bring high quality mentors into the living rooms and practice spaces of amateur musicians. We are committed to broadening our reach—but we can’t do it without your help.

Please join us by donating what you can to this enriching effort. We know we can do it—together!

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