Music resources for when you’re stuck at home

Now that the Corona Pandemic has disrupted our music life we’re reminded how dramatically music plays a part in keeping people’s spirits up. Let’s collect “stay-at-home” music resources here.

Our local (SF Bay Area) musicians are playing and broadcasting their music. Here are some wonderful streams to continue to connect with local artists. Please post ideas below or send via our contact page and we’ll add them to the list.

SF Symphony’s principal oboe Eugene Izotov plays Bach for you:

SFJazz has a great YouTube channel, and so does Voices of Music.

SF Symphony is streaming its great Keeping Score series for free.

Please send us links of your own or to your favorite local artists!

Check out this terrific NPR site that updates worldwide livestreams.

And there are some active learning resources online, too, here’s a violin practice tips blog sent out by CMNC (Chamber Musicians of Northern CA).

If you have any other ideas please post here or send via our contact page to share with your fellow musicians. Or write about your experiences as a stay-at-home musician – we’d love to publish your blog entries. Let’s all stay active while we’re stuck at home.

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Want some music apps for your android phone? AMN friend Chris Terpin writes:

“My wife and I make Android and Kindle apps mostly as a hobby. Because of the COVID19 outbreak, we have made all of our musical instrument apps totally free. Our Autoharp apps are pretty fun for composing tunes and they are ad free and have no in-app purchases. Sorry we don’t have iOS versions yet.
Our SharpHarp app is the most popular so far.”

Just curious if you could help many of us with suggestions of programs being used to make ensemble performances. We have been struggling with A Capella and Adobe Pro, which take hours of time for short pieces of music. What else might be available? Anything new or easier out there that people have had success with. We really miss playing together!

Hi Vern, great idea. I don’t know but am looking into some resources for how to get good results without having to commit to becoming a video editor 🙂

We have also been discussing having a workshop on these tools, and we’re looking for an expert mentor. Hope to have something soon.


Here’s a tutorial for the Soundjack technology for remote ensemble playing in real time. It looks amazing! Warning: you have to have a really serious broadband connection (75 mbps is suggested) and an outboard audio interface. But! If that sounds like you, this might be a really terrific option.

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