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It’s the grateful time of year.

Despite how hard we musicians have been hit by the pandemic, Amateur Music Network has a lot to be grateful for. We’ve moved into online workshops, and we’re grateful that we can provide a path for the music community to come together, stay musically active, and share our love of music-making.

Before the world shut down, we hosted inspiring in-person workshops with John Engelkes, Nick Platoff, and Matt Young.

Since April, many brilliant mentors have welcomed us into their homes through online workshops: Mads Tolling, Eugene Izotov, Scott Pingel, Seira McCarthy, Ragnar Bohlin, Evan Price, Sheri Greenawald, Nic McGegan, Dee Spencer, Gabriela Lena Frank, John McCarthy, Nick Phan, Gwen Mok, John Santos, Rufus Olivier, Elizabeth Blumenstock, Bill Skeen, Eric Zivian, Jeff Anderle, and Sarah Cahill (December 5).

Most of all, we’re grateful to YOU, the musicians who love to play and sing, and who aspire to connect with one another through music-making. Thank you for sharing your love of music and creating a better world for us all.

Please join us this season and in the new year. Join our workshops, create website listings, and share our newsletter with friends! And donate to AMN: your gift will help us continue to bring people together for the joy of music.

May your holidays be filled with music!

  Donate to Amateur Music Network

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