AMN mentors Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Workshops

Meet Conductor Diana Sáez

Classical music has always risen out of indigenous regional folk music. Although we might not hear it that way now, the music of Haydn, Chopin, Brahms, and so many mainstream classical composers was intimately connected with the folk traditions of Europe and people at the time would have all recognized those influences. But as the centuries have passed, the folk music connection has faded and the classical works seem to stand alone, their indigenous roots buried deep in the background.

Diana Sáez has found those roots much closer to the surface in Latin America. She recalls having two educations: one was a formal study as a composer and choral conductor, which has led her to perform the world over as a guest conductor and leader of the chamber choir Cantigas. But her other education was a path of personal discovery: fascinated by the rhythms and instruments of Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and all our southern neighbors, she has immersed herself in learning how the choral music of those countries is an extension of the authentic musical voice of local people. Those two streams have come together in a musical life dedicated to increasing awareness of the choral music of the Americas.

Diana will bring these traditions to life in our workshop on November 20. Join us to learn more about the diverse cultures of Latin America as reflected in choral music of yesterday and today.

AMN founder Lolly Lewis chats with Justin about the workshop in this preview video.

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