Once again, it’s the grateful time of year. We all have gone through a lot and have much to be thankful for, and as always AMN takes this moment of reflection and introspection to remember all the wonderful folks who have made our workshops so vibrant and nourishing in the past year.  

Thank you – mentors and volunteers!

We are so grateful for you who helped produce workshops and kept AMN running day-to-day. AMN has gathered musicians and music lovers together for over 50 workshops in just this past year. To the extraordinary artists who brought their amazing knowledge and talent to inform and enlighten workshop participants, we cannot thank you enough.

Thank you – donors, partners, and sponsors!

AMN is not only a community of musicians but also part of a larger community of organizations and individuals who support music and music-making. A huge thank you to this wonderful community that amplifies AMN’s reach and works every day to make the world more musical. 

Now AMN needs your help.

AMN has exciting news. Our very generous friends David Landis and Sean Dowdall have challenged us with a $10,000 matching grant: every new or increased donation will be matched one-for-one between now and January 1.

This challenge is a change-maker for Amateur Music Network. It will help AMN reach new audiences, present more ambitious programs, and increase opportunities for music-making. It’s a perfect time to amplify the power of your own contribution.

AMN is a very small organization that helps amateur musicians learn and play together.  We want to keep offering our unique workshops, mentors, and listings to as many musicians as possible. AMN’s network relies on the contributions of time and financial support from dedicated volunteers and donors. Won’t you join them in assuring AMN’s future in the community? Thanks to this challenge, your donation will have great leverage and will make a huge difference.

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