AMN mentors Vocal and Choral Music Workshops

Meet voice mentor Dashon Burton

Who doesn’t want advice from a GRAMMY® winner! We know we all do, and we’re so thrilled to have the stellar artist Dashon Burton joining in a musical conversation with two local professional singers who will offer their talents in styles that are new to them. We hope that an exploration of new genres will spark a vibrant conversation that we can all learn from.

Dashon won in the Best Classical Solo Vocal Album category, featured as a soloist on the album The Prison, the premiere recording of Ethel Smyth’s (1858–1944) last major work.

In 2013 and 2015 Dashon was nominated as part of the ensemble Roomful of Teeth for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, winning in 2013 for the album Roomful of Teeth.

Leandra Ramm and Chung-Wai Soong are San Francisco-based professional singers who are channeling their inner amateur to explore music in new styles. They will bring their talents and love of learning to AMN’s master class and conversation with Dashon Burton on February 7, 2022. We look forward to a lively and energizing session together!

AMN founder Lolly Lewis chats with Leandra and Chung-Wai in this preview video.

A video message from Dashon: “What I do as a classical singer.”

Listen to Dashon in performance!

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