AMN mentors Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Workshops

Meet Violinist Lulu Starr

Growing up in a classical music family in the SF Bay Area, Lulu Starr found a circuitous path to her roots in Eastern European music. 

After spending years playing Romanian, Hungarian and Balkan folk music on the streets of New Orleans, Lulu traveled to Eastern Europe and the Balkans to learn the music she loved, directly from the greatest living folk musicians. Over the years, she and some colleagues formed the band Taraf de Akácfa (pictured) and Lulu eventually settled down in Budapest, Hungary, where she could stay close to the source of the music she was passionate about. 

It was only recently that she found out her great grandparents were from Moldova and Romania! 

Now Lulu wants to share the love of traditional music of Romania with you! Join us for a workshop on January 22 and learn an authentic Geamparale with Lulu Starr!

AMN founder Lolly Lewis chats with Lulu about her path of discovery of this amazing music tradition in this preview video.

Listen to Lulu and Taraf de Akácfa perform the Geamparale.

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