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Meet Mentor Scott Foglesong

Blog post by Scott Foglesong.

Imagine … where does music live if not in our imagination? No static thing, unchanging and immutable, music has to be played, and heard. The music is the sounds, not the marks on the paper, not the grooves on the record, not the zeros and ones in the digital media. It only makes sense as something we hear — and it makes its own separate sense to each of us in its own separate way.

That’s where we’re going with our six-week workshop Imagine. We’re exploring the heard experience of music, not what it should be or what’s correct. Sure, along the way we’re going to explore some of the nuts & bolts of symphonies, concertos, and symphonic poems — but always as experiences in our own minds, triggers that elicit reactions, emotions, feelings, physical sensations, memories. For Proust it was a madeleine; for us it can be a moment in a work by Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, or maybe the song of a skylark in the evening sky. 

Imagine! with Scott Foglesong

Get a preview of our workshop as Scott talks with AMN Founder Lolly Lewis about the surprising joys of listening and what he hopes people will take away from the experience.

Enjoy Scott’s humor and musical insight in this recording of his presentation Unravelling Boléro 

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